26 August 2008

What are you up to right now?

Well seeing as you asked, I'm currently working on a few different projects. Another record sleeve for Defected for Studio Apartment, some Illustrations for Samsung with Peepshow, something for a new ITV children's series with music by Take That's Gary Barlow and Illustrations for The Telegraph & TimeOut. I'm also in the middle of updating the Peepshow website with all the goodness from the past year and building Graham Rawle's all singing and dancing new website. Quite a lot all in all. Fun Fun.

25 August 2008

Press & Pull

Go and see this if you get the chance, 'Press & Pull' - a collection of prints by James Brown & Kate Gibb at the Ada Street Gallery, off Broadway Market from Wednesday 27th August until Sunday 31st August inclusive. Daily from 12pm - 7pm. A really lovely show with beautiful things to see. Be quick.

21 August 2008


Another sleeve for Defected Records, this one is for 'Jus a Beat' by ATFC. I think they've changed the colouring for the final sleeve though.

7 August 2008

Things that won't be published

I've been working on an ad for Head & Shoulders the last couple of weeks, here's a few pieces of work that didn't quite make the grade. The final advert appears in September I think, it's for Saatchi & Saatchi.