17 December 2012

Studio Music

My studio playlist is now online to listen to here: www.studiomusic.fm

11 December 2012

Downton Abbey for The Atlantic

Downton Abbey illustration in the January issue of The Atlantic.

14 November 2012

Canadian Business Magazine

Double page illustration for Canadian Business accompanying an article about a recent heist where   thieves made off with Maple Syrup worth $30 Million. Read the article here.

26 October 2012


Full page portrait of Majid Jamali Fashi for TIME magazine.

20 October 2012


Bela Lugosi, born 130 years ago on this day in 1882.

5 October 2012

Ulysses On Sale

20% off all Ulysses Giclee Prints until 5pm Friday October 12th. Use discount code: ULYSSES20


1 October 2012


Full page illustration in the current issue of WWD magazine.

24 September 2012

Italian Glamour

Currently running on the pages of Glamour Magazine in Italy.

14 September 2012

MultiFamily Executive

From a series of illustrations in the current issue of MultiFamily Executive magazine.

13 September 2012

Pop Psychedelic & The Fundamentals of Illustration (2nd Edition)

My work is featured in Pop Psychedelic, a new book designed & edited by BigBros Workshop, 336 full colour pages, ISBN: 9780867197426. Available here. It is also featured in The Fundamentals of Illustration (2nd Edition), published by AVA Publishing, 200 full colour pages, ISBN: 9782940411481

7 September 2012

Upon Paper

Upon Paper kindly feature my 'Ulysses' series in an article here.

6 September 2012

Builder Magazine

From a series of full page illustrations in the August issue of Builder Magazine.

13 August 2012

The New York Times

Illustration for The New York Times Sunday Review, accompanying an article about German chancellor Angela Merkel. You can read the article here.

9 July 2012

New Ulysses Prints

Two new Giclee prints 'Lake' & 'Mountain' from the Ulysses series are available to buy over at the Peepshow Shop. Both are on 188gsm, 100% Cotton, Hahnemühle PhotoRag. Measuring 420mm x 594mm. Edition of 40, signed and numbered. £50 + P&P

27 June 2012

Business Thinking for The Telegraph

Cover illustration for the HSBC Business Thinking supplement in todays Telegraph.

21 June 2012


Double page advertorial illustration in this week KERRANG! magazine promoting the National      Citizen Service.

20 June 2012

Show & Tell at Muse & Maker

Emily Forgot kindly asked me share something for this week's Show &Tell over at the great Muse & Maker. You can see my collection of handmade record sleeves and read a little interview here:

12 June 2012

Swallow Magazine

Full page illustration in the forthcoming third issue of Swallow Magazine (The Mexico City Issue) accompanying an article on Wolf Ruvinskis

11 May 2012

Guardian Guide

I illustrated the cover of this week's Guardian Guide, inside Saturday's Guardian Newspaper.

7 May 2012

The Atlantic

Full page illustration in the latest issue of The Atlantic. This accompanies a feature called 'All the President's DNA'.

3 May 2012

TIME Magazine

Full page illustration in this weeks TIME magazine. This accompanies the article 'The People's Republic of Scandal' about Bo Xi Lai, former communist party official currently embroiled in China's biggest government scandal in decades.

2 May 2012

Wired Magazine

Small illustration in the current issue of US Wired magazine. This accompanies an article about the technology involved in new HBO series Hemingway & Gelhorn, which sees Clive Owen & Nicole Kidman incorporated into footage from the 1937 film The Spanish Earth.

27 April 2012

Fabulous Magazine

Cover illustration for Fabulous magazine, free inside The Sun on Sunday this week, a Kate Middleton special issue.

26 April 2012

Updates at Art Dept

Portfolio updates and new BIGGER pictures over at my US agent Art Department Illustration Division:


21 April 2012

Secret 7" Revealed

This was my 7" original collage sleeve for 'Come on Riding (Through the Cosmos) by DJ Shadow (item 056), sold in age of Teenage Cancer Trust today as part of Secret 7" at the Idea Generation Gallery in Shoreditch, London.

14 April 2012

Secret 7"

I've created a one-off 7" record sleeve for Secret 7" in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust. Yours for just £40, if you can work which one it is, as it's a secret! A wonderful line-up of musicians, illustrators and designers have also created sleeves.

 The exhibition opens at the Idea Generation Gallery in Shoreditch, London on Wednesday 18th April and runs until Sunday 22nd April. More info here.

10 April 2012

Ulysses For Sale

A selection of my Ulysses series are now available to buy as giclee prints over at the Peepshow Big Cartel shop All reproduced at the same size as the original collages. Giclee print on 188gsm Hahnemühle PhotoRag. 100% Cotton. Signed.


22 March 2012


A new series of collages, part of Peepshow Collectives Museum of Objects & Origins at 'Pick Me Up'

A series of images from the missing space probe Ulysses.

The Ulysses was designed to study the Sun as a joint venture between NASA and the European Space Agency. As part of the mission an encounter with Jupiter was scheduled to facilitate the major orbital plane shift required to study the Sun at all latitudes.

The mission ended on 30 June 2009 when it was determined scientists were unable to prevent the altitude control fuel from freezing and the probe was commanded to shut down transmission.

On 12 February 2011 between 15.35 and 20.20 UTC the Madrid Deep Space Network ground station picked up a series of short broadcasts thought to come from the Ulysses. It is believed that the probe's radioisotope thermoelectric generator had momentarily restarted as it passed through the ion tail of Comet C/2011 S5.

The scrambled transmissions have been painstakingly pieced back together and are displayed here for the first time. NASA have not released information as to the whereabouts of the Ulysses when this broadcast occurred.

(02/12/2011 15.35 UTC) Comet C5/2011 (Hyakutale)

(02/12/2011 15.46 UTC) Comet C5/2011 (Hyakutale)

(02/12/2011 20.20 UTC) Solar System (2) C/2011

(02/12/2011 17.04 UTC) Unidentified polar region/Lake

(02/12/2011 17.26 UTC) Unidentified polar region/Arctic

(02/12/2011 17.38 UTC) Unidentified polar region/Mountain

(02/12/2011 19.43 UTC) Aphelion/Alternate Jupiter swing-by (2)

(02/12/2011 19.23 UTC) Aphelion/Alternate Jupiter swing-by (1)

19 March 2012

Peepshow Collective's Museum of Objects & Origins

I will be presenting a new series of collages as part of Peepshow Collective's 'Museum of Objects & Origins', our 11 day residency at Somerset House for 'Pick Me Up'. A collection of artefacts including drawings, objects, prints, and costumes. Exhibiting items from an invented past, the collection is also a living, growing display as themed workshops create new works to fill the final few cabinets.

'Pick Me Up - Contemporary Graphic Art Fair', March 22nd until April 1st 2012. Somerset House, Embankment Galleries, London, WC2R 1LA

Booking here.

13 March 2012

John Carter for Wired UK

Double page illustration in the current issue of Wired UK about Disney film 'John Carter'.

5 March 2012

Expo collage

A recent collage (along with several others) that sadly doesn't fit with the series im showing at Pick Me Up this year. Shame, but I'm sure I'll do something with it in the future.

3 March 2012

Secret 7"

i'm proud to be involved in Secret 7", a project which aims to rekindle some of the excitement for sleeve art in the digital era by exploring how a track would be interpreted by an array of brilliant artists.

In April The Idea Generation gallery in Shoreditch, London will exhibit around 700 unique seven-inch sleeves inspired by tracks from The Cure, Florence + The Machine, Bombay Bicycle Club, CSS, DJ Shadow, Noah & The Whale and Ben Howard. The exhibition has an added air of mystery as no-one will know who designed each sleeve, or which of the seven tracks is housed inside.

On the 21st April, Record Store Day, each of these true one-offs will go on sale – and only after purchase will the buyer find out whose creations they have bought. Every penny profited from the sale of these exclusive vinyl records is going to Teenage Cancer Trust.

The line-up of musicians have dug out their pens, pencils and paints to visualise their song within that 7"x 7" square; along with a crack team from the world of art, design and music.

Each host has also challenged creatives from across the world to submit a design through the Talenthouse platform. Thousands were submitted and whittled down to join the exhibition.

Finally those designs will be joined by a few from teenagers that the charity has helped.

Secret 7" on Facebook

Secret 7" on Twitter

20 February 2012

New Collages

I've spent the last month or so (in-between commercial jobs) making a series of new collages for Peepshow's forthcoming residency at Somerset House. I decided from the outset that I'd make all the work for the show completely by hand, without the use of the computer. I've also decided that in a world where everything is blogged, uploaded and commented on the second it's complete not to reveal anything until 'Pick Me Up' opens on March 22nd. So in the meantime here's a photo of a little bit of my desktop which features some bits that might or might not appear in pieces of work. I've been getting though the good old 10A's that for sure.

19 February 2012

Peepshow Collective Book

The Peepshow book is finally in the shops published by Index Book. I spent a good chunk of last year co-ordinating its production with help from the Peepshow gang and many, many good people including Alex Bec, Margaret Huber & Graham Rawle (forewords), Jess Bonham & Stephen Lenthall (photography), Peter Nencini & Freya Faulkner (interviews), Fiona Macdonald (text & copy editing) and of course the wonderful Studio Emmi who designed the book and got the ball rolling in the first place. Above is the cover I art directed with Peepshow's Luke Best & Chrissie Macdonald. Photography by Stephen Lenthall.

See inside the book and buy it here.

18 February 2012

Pick Me Up 2012

Further details of our 11 day residency at Somerset House for Pick Me Up have just been revealed over at the Pick Me Up website.

Following Rob Ryan in 2010 and Anthony Burrill in 2011, this year Peepshow Collective are artists in residence for Pick Me Up 2012. We will be presenting The Museum of Objects and Origins.

For eleven days only, we will be bringing together a collection of artefacts including drawings, objects, prints, and costumes, to be housed in our very own museum. Exhibiting items from an invented past, the collection will also be a living, growing, changing display as themed workshops with the public will create new works to fill the final few empty cabinets

We will also be hosting a series of workshops with special guests throughout the fair including:
A public print workshop (Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 March)
A Peepshow talk (Monday 26 March)
Heavy Pencil with Pete Fowler & Jim Stoten (Thursday 29 March)
A public collage workshop with artist & writer Graham Rawle (Saturday 31 March & Sunday 1 April)

Booking here, more info about Pick Me Up 2012 here.

8 February 2012

It's Nice That

We (being peepshow) discuss our new book in an interview with the wonderful It's Nice That.


5 February 2012


Double page Illustration in this week's Newsweek, accompanying an article about Al Gore and Current TV.

2 February 2012

Making the CR cover

A little feature over at the Creative Review blog about how I made the recent cover.


31 January 2012

Channel 4 News

Two colour silkscreen poster promoting Channel Four News, working with New Studio London.

25 January 2012

Creative Review

I designed the cover of the latest issue of Creative Review, featuring the Top 20 slogans of all time. 23 individual pin badges were created and photographed by Stephen Lenthall with copy by Nick Asbury. More about the issue here.

24 January 2012