18 May 2011

Escada Tests

I seem to have been working on a lot of projects this year that you either can't talk about because they make you sign a bit of paper, things that aren't out yet or simply may never come out because they are tests. This is one of the latter. I've been working on a new series of tests for Escada Perfume with Grey in Paris after an initial round of tests in 2009. Everything went off in a completely different direction after I did these simple figurative tests combing photography with ink in water so I think it's ok to post on here.

17 May 2011

Observer Music Monthly

This was a regular illustration I used to do for The Observer Music Monthly from 2005-2007. I completed over 20 portraits of musicians for the 'Reviews' section. Here (from the top) is Arctic Monkeys, The Hours and Scissor Sisters. Others included Prince, The Chemical Brothers, Grinderman, George Michael, Thom Yorke and Girls Aloud. You can see more here.

14 May 2011

Biggie for The Source

I'm having a hard-drive clear out, hence the amount of old work appearing here. This is one of my favourite commissions for The Source from 2002 when I was still painting on canvas. The very first piece of work through my US agent Art Department

13 May 2011


Yes, once upon a time, I drew a picture of Elton John, it appeared quite big on a fleet of planes. The End.

4 May 2011

Velvet Magazine

Recent editorial illustration for Velvet Magazine in Italy. This accompanies an article on the Emanuel Brothers.