28 November 2011

Peepshow Book Proofs

Proofs for the forthcoming 'Peepshow Collective' book arrived at the studio today all the way from Singapore, very pleased to say it's all looking grand. The book will be published by Index Book in Spring 2012.

16 November 2011

WWD Collections

Full page editorial for the December issue of 'WWD Collections' in the USA. This accompanies an article on how the fashion industry has embraced social media. Read the article here.

15 November 2011


I have 2 new prints for sale, 50x70cm, 310gsm German etching paper, in an edition of 50, framed. £125 (including free shipping worldwide). Available at the newly launched Artistic.ly:

'Neon 2'

'Neon 3'

9 November 2011

House Sleeves

More lovely record sleeves I fondly remember from '88 including work from The Designers Republic and Trevor Jackson. In many ways my first introduction to design.

Late 80's House/Rap Comps

Main Artery

Whilst flicking through the racks of a soho record shop recently I came across bit of a blast from the past, 'The Hits of House', takes me right back to the late 80's when I was buying my first records. I very rarely buy a record purely for the sleeve but did this time, not that the music is bad, far from it. How could you resist a record with S-Express, Nitro Deluxe, Bomb the Bass and The Wee Papa Girl Rappers all in one place? The sleeve is by Main Artery and turns out they've designed an enormous amount of record sleeves over the last 25 years, including most of the late 80's Stock, Aitken & Waterman output. More here.